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Executive Search. Executive Search. Closer to professionals and leaders.

Expect the best solution.
Not merely the first one.

Aligning people, their personality and their professional environment so that everyone benefits from each other mutually and sustainably – that is our goal. We go down this path with respect for individuality, empathy and trust.

Drawing Executive Search

The more details you can see, the better the fit.

ifp does justice to people’s individuality. We’re convinced that it’s all about a holistic fit and shared values – especially when filling positions at C-level. Our Executive Search builds bridges between professional and personal requirements. To find people who are the ideal fit for your company’s situation and culture.

Our aptitude-diagnostic expertise is worth considering as a benchmark. Our experienced consultants are well-connected industry experts with excellent assessment skills. Since they understand the specific challenges of the task, they’re able to derive concrete requirements for the executives they seek. Scientifically sound methods, such as semi-structured interviews and aptitude-diagnostic procedures, form the foundation for a fair approach and reliable statements.

Please contact us if you …

  • would like to make the best choice
    in your search for candidates
  • are planning a generational
    handover in your company
  • would like to fill your supervisory or
    advisory board appropriately

Our promise. We will fill
your vacancy, no matter
how long it takes. With us, your mandate
has no expiry date.

Executive Search

Closer to professionals with
our industry teams.

Consultants who know your industry inside and out. Who speak your language and know what counts for your sector, both today and tomorrow. Who have remained independent, yet developed networks over the years. People with specialist expertise and excellent methodological competence, who are personally committed to your mandate and will not rest until you’re satisfied.

Getting closer to new opportunities.