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A highly reliable „client–server network“.

Telecommunications & IT

Hyperscaler. Cloud computing. IoT. Cyber security. Regulation. Subsidies.

“If my client isn’t convinced, if I don’t have a good gut feeling, there’s only one right thing to do: continue searching, with stamina. Or take another look at the situation – from a completely different angle. Check for the right fit in spots that don’t seem immediately obvious. To do this, you have to be clear about your idea, yet open, too – so you can find a solution that simply can’t be planned in advance.”

— Dr. Maik Lehmann

The expansion of modern infrastructures, new technologies, changing consumer expectations and developmental leaps, along with increasing security issues: these are the complex drivers of the telecommunications and IT industries. The incredible high-speed pace of innovation and change in this sector is resulting in ever greater demands being placed on companies and the people who lead them.

Leaders made of that very special stuff – who approach change with an open mind, foresight and courage, and see it as an opportunity – stand out in the market. They also stand out as promising talent, and we often develop long-term trust-based relationships with them.

Whether it’s providers, service providers, producers or consultancies, we support a wide variety of players along the value chain. From smaller medium-sized companies to major international corporations. With a focus on successfully filling executive and board positions as well as their direct reports.


Dr. Maik Lehmann

Partner Lawyer
Business coach (Lasalle Institute, CH)
After working as a lawyer in a large law firm, Dr Maik Lehmann held positions in two DAX-listed companies, most recently as long-standing managing director. Since 2007, he has supported numerous board and management appointments at ifp. Dr Lehmann’s strong and reliable network in the ICT and media industries has continued to grow over the past 25 years. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-152


Sabine Brouër

Executive Consultant Degree in German, systemic coach
An experienced consultant, Sabine Brouer has been with ifp for over 25 years. She advises organisations of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Among them are pioneers looking for business support in the implementation of their visions. It’s a great pleasure that comes with great responsibility whenever she assists people in decisive phases of their professional lives. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-142

Thomas Geck

Team Lead Degree in Psychology
As head of the Telecommunications, IT & Media consulting team, Thomas Geck oversees all the search processes in the industry team. Clients and candidates alike appreciate his more than 20 years of experience in filling management positions, his outstanding aptitude diagnostics expertise, as well as his excellent networking and market knowledge. After completing his psychology degree, he further sharpened his focus on the special fit between people and companies by training as a systemic organisational developer. And his enthusiasm for cycling gives him the staying power he needs – especially when it comes to tricky appointments. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-48

Valerie Schuh

Senior Consultant Master of Science in Business Administration (Focus on Human Resource Development), systemic coach
Valerie Schuh has many years of experience in executive search, particularly in the media and technology sectors. With her excellent industry knowledge and network, she’s a sought-after contact for both clients and candidates. As a business economist and systemic coach, she understands the special requirements involved in change management. An ambitious sports enthusiast with a big heart, she not only looks after search mandates, but is also responsible for our internal employee magazine. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-140

Lilly Marie Sturm

Consultant Business Pychology (M.Sc.)
While studying business psychology, Lilly Marie Sturm discovered her strong interest in personality diagnostics, which she further deepened with her master\\\'s thesis on the topic of emotional intelligence within a digitalized working world. Complemented by her diverse professional experience in human resources and consulting as well as various stays abroad, she brings a global perspective and a deep understanding of the needs of candidates and companies. With her proactive and analytical approach, she has been supporting the Media, Telecommunications & IT team as a consultant since graduating. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-31