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Attitude. Keeping it specific.

Keeping it human. With applied HumanIntelligence®.


HumanIntelligenz® is the human plus.

A multi-layered tool, it works like a living, multi-dimensional seismograph. It keeps all senses alert, looks closely and asks lots of questions – anticipate needs, pick up on moods, and derive ideas, options and possibilities from what appears to be a jumble of impressions and emotions. This is what distinguishes us as humans from AI.

Our scientifically proven psychological aptitude diagnostics, which we have refined over nearly 60 years now, are also part of HumanIntelligence, which is based on core values such as respect, fairness and reliability.

HumanIntelligence identifies the critical points for your best possible match, for the development of existing potential, for the authenticity of a leader. HI is the safer bet when it comes to protecting you from bad compromises, reducing your future risks in the process.

Why the future belongs to the human plus.

We understand the importance of having the right person in the right role – which is why we look carefully at the whole person. We systematically consider a candidate’s profile and potential, leadership qualities and cultural fit. We use precise processes, proven diagnostics and smart technology. But when it comes to the assessment, it’s the human intelligence that makes all the difference: comprehensive and multi-layered, because only humans can truly perceive humans. We’re more sensitive than computers alone could ever be thanks to our ability to build trust, classify emotions, and seek out the authentic. Only human intelligence understands this special plus in interpersonal relationships. And it’s not a contradiction to digitalisation and artificial intelligence – it’s the future.

We have not leased the HI®.
But we had to invent it.