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work at ifp. Keeping it about the team.

We like people with HumanIntelligence®.

What’s best for everyone? Answering this question is what we’re all about. It’s why we do all we can to find the right personality for our clients – because that choice can make the world of work, and the lives of many people, just that much better. And of course, this also applies to ourselves as a company and finding the people who fit us best, too.

The success of ifp day in and day out is made up of the sum of all our parts. Whoever joins us today will play a decisive role in determining where ifp will find itself tomorrow. Each of us gives the company a face. A committed, empathetic, intelligent and human face.

It’s about getting to know the people who enjoy being with us, and who stay with us for a long time. People who go above and beyond in their roles, who bring joy to the company and take appreciation home with them.

What is it like to work at ifp?

You’re in constant contact with others – you’re never lonely. The work is often amazing. And always meaningful. Come and have a look around! We’re looking for people who like working with people. Who are interested in positive collaboration, whether under one roof or at a distance. Who are committed to personal relationships. Who can listen and speak. Who respect both the rational and the emotional. Who accept responsibility. And who take ownership of any task they take on.

Four questions for Jörg Will. Life plans, curiosity, generational change and strength: The Managing Director and son of founder Horst Will gives us insights, right into the essence of ifp.

Five faces of ifp. Joachim, Lisa, Sophia, Roman and Jennifer tell you something about themselves. If you can imagine working with people like them, you’re probably a good fit for us.

Jennifer’s Job Culture. How do you become a business unit manager in HR consulting? What is the basis for a successful career at ifp? Jennifer tells us about ifp’s forge of expertise.

Bettina’s vocation. Bettina is your contact person if you want to become part of the ifp team. Get to know the ifp human resources manager here.

Generation Z(ukunft). Post-millennials want to work in companies that share their values. They have arrived at ifp, for example, as a young consultant in management diagnostics and as a young consultant in executive search. Sophia and Roman are having the time of their lives: all over again!

Trainee Talk. Lisa tells us how she experienced the trainee program at ifp. She now works as a consultant in management diagnostics. Successors:inside, where are you?

This smile is waiting for you.

If you’re interested in a career at ifp, just give us a call! Bettina Kempf-Weese will be happy to provide you with whatever information you need, even if you have questions about our current vacancies before you apply. And if you don’t see the right fit for you in our list of vacancies, you’re also welcome to send us your unsolicited application by e-mail.

Bettina Kempf-Weese
+49 (0) 221 / 20 50 655