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Management Diagnostics. Closer to leaders.

The treasure lies within.

Making visible what lies below the surface. We value personality. And look at a person’s whole mosaic of skills. Our aim is to identify the very best people for the roles you want to fill. To enable the development and retention of top performers. With a focus on individuality, empathy and respect.

We take your success personally.

One person can make all the difference. For a company, for its people and for its long-term culture of success. But who’s the best? Who has the right skills to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow? We see ourselves as pearl divers, seeking out leaders’ skills, working with them to bring their abilities to the surface and helping them to shine. In doing so, we ask ourselves: Which of their facets help to create a clearer image of who they are? Where do their strengths lie, and where is their potential for development?

With a holistic view to your success. Our experienced consultants use a variety of methods to measure the fit for a specific role in an organisation, and for the requirements of a given task. Tailored, practical and scientifically sound. The foundation for a fair approach and reliable recommendations.

Come to us if you want to …

  • clarify which executive is the best choice to lead your company.
  • maximise the development of leaders and high potentials in your organisation so that they can be deployed according to their strengths.
  • base personnel changes in your organisation on scientifically sound evidence – for transparency, decision security and acceptance.
  • establish competence-based feedback in your organisation.
  • develop the diagnostic skills of your HR team.

Our promise. Our diagnostic work is based on a dual responsibility – to our clients and to the participants. We place your specific needs and organisational culture at the core of our work. We do everything we can to make the process a positive experience for all concerned.

A question of attitude.

The noticeable difference? Our attitude. Taking into account the many facets that make up a personality. A complex assessment of people by people that does justice to the professional side of the personality, something tests or questionnaires can only supplement. Honest, appreciative interest in the other person, total commitment, foresight and responsible sparring partners who point out opportunities as well as stumbling blocks. We put our HumanIntelligence to work with you to develop an all-round successful solution.

Leadership Diagnostics & Development

Business success requires effective leaders. Recognising and developing effectiveness. Gaining confidence.

Organisational Diagnostics & Development

Making cultural specificities and potential visible for entire levels. For a greater sum of the parts.

Diagnostics Academy

Sharing knowledge. Qualification offers in the field of aptitude diagnostics for managers and HR professionals.

Our team for you.

Who will be advising you? An experienced team of consultants, most of whom are psychologists. With extensive methodological skills and expertise in management diagnostics and leadership development.