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Sharing knowledge.
Training up pearl divers.

Diagnostics Academy

Sharpen your eye for talent. Build expertise. Anchor skills. With our unique training programme. So that your managers and HR specialists also become pearl divers. With a qualification in aptitude diagnostics. With courses tailored to your individual needs. From personal training for the selection process of junior staff to holistic diagnostics training. Based on an optimal combination of scientific theory and practical application. By experienced and highly qualified trainers.

Fundamentals of diagnostics according to DIN 33430

Sound quality assurance in diagnostics.

Our training is fully aligned with DIN 33430, which describes quality criteria and standards for job-related aptitude testing. We teach the DIN-compliant procedure of a diagnostic process. And then we anchor the specialist knowledge and relevant techniques in your company so that you can make differentiated statements in the context of aptitude and potential diagnostic questions. Not just in theory – but also in practice, as our plus for you.

Interview training

The right interview questions for the best team.

Successful interviewing is a core competence in everyday HR work. This is especially true for recruiters. Increasingly, it’s also a requirement for managers. The key questions are: What are the key skills required for the position? How do I identify these skills? And what questions or techniques can I use to find out if the candidate is a good fit? To make your interviews a plus for everyone, we teach you specific questioning techniques, how to deal with critical situations as well as approaches from differential psychology. We tailor our practical exercises to your company’s specific needs, documents and interview guidelines. For a high level of effectiveness in your company.

Role-play training

How do you change your perspective?

How do you get a differentiated picture of the candidates? Established standardised procedures play a key role here. Interactive sequences such as role simulations, e.g. in the form of employee or customer interviews, have proved particularly effective in practice. They promote reliable and sustainable decision-making processes. In our role play scenarios, you’ll learn to act with confidence, to generate valuable diagnostics results – and to observe and evaluate simulations in a differentiated way. Our plus for you is the practice of changing perspectives. This gives you a more nuanced picture of the candidates.

Observer training

People observing people.

The expertise of the observer is crucial for the quality of the observation and the feedback. In our practical observer training, we provide the people from your organisation involved in processes with the knowledge and skills to observe and assess human behaviour in the workplace in a fair and differentiated way. They learn the basics of process embedding and process observation. They will also become familiar with observation and assessment tendencies and learn practical tools for counteracting them effectively. A third focus is on the joint interpretation of results, making sound judgements and calibrating the circle of observers. We adapt the individual training modules to meet your needs. For the best possible results – for your plus in the company.