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A greater sum.
Of the parts.

Organisational Diagnostics & Development

The organisation as a network of relationships between dynamic systems. Structures and changes meet relationships and behaviours. Management diagnostics at the organisational level as a way of making visible cultural conditions, patterns of thinking and feeling, along with development needs in the organisation. So that the potential of all parts can be fully realised. For a greater sum, for sustainable change and development. In accordance with the DIN 33430 quality standard, with psychological expertise and a clear view of the future.

Management Audit

Strong leadership decisions.

Mergers, succession planning, strategic reorientation. How can leadership be optimally designed for this? A management audit is the first step towards a sustainable solution. Based on previously identified competencies and with a focus on the strategic success of the organisation. Our key advantage is the transparent and participative of our diagnostics process, which provides you with an objective view of the individual and collective performance potential of the (top) management team. ifp diagnostics as targeted support for big steps.

Practical example

Support for leadership decisions.

Comprehensive management audit in the merger process.

Development of competence models

Shaping resilience.

Sustainable recruitment, personnel development and performance assessment through competency models: These reflect current requirements as well as skills and corporate values that will be needed in the future. A company-specific model is one that a company’s managers and employees – in Germany and internationally – can identify with and are willing to be measured against. Drawing on our extensive practical experience, we will work with you to develop a tailor-made tool for securing your future.

Practical example

Ensuring resilience.

Developing a competence model based on corporate and brand values.

Leadership culture development

Anchoring the spirit of success for the long term.

Change processes are successful when you manage to get the people on board. Unlike strategy consulting, which develops and implements new organisational structures, we focus on supporting people through change and on the cultural aspects of the organisation. With the goal of turning those affected by change into participants. Our plus for your company is found in our many years of experience in analysing (management) cultures – and in jointly developing concrete measures for necessary changes.