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Motion energy that’s
making the future possible.

Energy management

Supply security. Efficiency. Decarbonisation. Grid charges. Regulation. Electricity price. Decentralised energy. Renewable energy. Sector coupling. System flexibility. Storage capacities.

“I grew up with mountains of coal in the Ruhr area and experienced the pressure of change from an early age. It was a hard transition that we called structural change. To see now what can come from that, what is coming from that, absolutely fascinates me. The energy world of the future is already visible.”

— Britta Wöhrmann

We’re currently experiencing a phase of overlapping events that’s historic in its proportions. More than ever before, it has become crucial for us to free ourselves from our dependency on fossil energy imports. Now is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to rapid decarbonisation in the electricity, heating and mobility sectors, including with regard to the expansion of renewable energies, necessary system flexibility and storage capacities. The challenge is to create efficient and sustainable solutions which are both socially compliant and fair – and to do so within a highly regulated environment.

We’re looking for leaders with skill and strong nerves who can make things happen within narrow time frames. Driving progress while ensuring supply security is the great interdisciplinary challenge.


Britta Wöhrmann

Partner Degree in Psychology, Systemic Consultant
After Britta Wöhrmann completed her degree in 2004 she was employed as a research assistant. She began working as a consultant for ifp in 2007. With a broad focus in the sector, she has gained experience in human resources consulting and aptitude diagnostics. Parallel to this, she completed her training as a systemic consultant. Britta Wöhrmann currently heads the Science and Services as well as Energy Team at ifp. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-116


Nathalie Arens

Senior Consultant Psychologin (M. Sc.)
After successfully completing her master\'s degree in psychology at the University of Cologne, Nathalie Arens passed through various positions as a trainee in our two business units Executive Search and Management Diagnostics. Within our banking team, she developed into a senior consultant and built up sound aptitude diagnostic expertise. Having held numerous board and management positions, she can now draw on a wealth of experience as a professional facilitator of search and selection processes in the fields of science & services and the energy industry. As a psychologist, the fit between the individual and the business environment is particularly important to her. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-189

Christoph Münten

Executive Consultant Degree in Psychology (Diploma)
Christoph Münten has been with ifp ever since completing his psychology degree. He learned his trade and his distinctive customer orientation from our founder himself. With more than 30 years of experience in aptitude diagnostics, he has an outstanding track record of successfully placing numerous candidates at top management levels. His broad experience offers a solid foundation for creative search strategies when a solution is not immediately obvious. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-88

Stefanie Wagener

Senior Consultant Degree in Business Psychology (M. Sc.)
Since 2011 Stefanie Wagener gained experiences in the fields employment market, filling of jobs and professional profiling in the public service sector. She has been a team leader for many years, before she started as a senior consultant in our Science & Services and Energy team. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-136