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Erfolgsmodell Mittelstand.

Industrial SMEs

Mechanical engineering. Plant engineering. Electrical engineering. Automation. Defence. Metalworking. Plastics processing. Wood. Textiles. Glass.

“As the son of a company founder, the company was always present in my home. From an early age, I experienced a close emotional connection between the company and my family. It’s this closeness that has given me a deep understanding of the unique concerns of medium-sized family businesses – and taught me how to deal with them constructively. I’ve found this experience to be particularly valuable in my work as a consultant.”

— Jörg Will

The SME sector is Germany’s most important driver of innovation and technology. Germany is home for many world market leaders and hidden champions. And an essential key to their success lies in a specific attitude: the cherishing of human connections and values while remaining grounded in a mindset of steadfastness and longevity, ambitious goals and an unwavering focus on success.

Niche technology leaders are just as familiar to us as companies with a global presence. And we know full well that the experience of managing medium-sized companies doesn’t follow a uniform pattern. This is why the right personalities make all the difference, offering far more than simply the ability to obligingly adapt. Medium-sized companies are often family-owned, just like ifp itself. Thanks to the experience we’ve gained with our own company succession and its clever design, advising owners through management changes and a transition to a new generation is a task that’s particularly close to our hearts.

“It’s about taking the time to experience how a company and its people operate on site, gathering impressions, building relationships and understanding the specific management philosophy. And it’s about the in-depth interviews we have with our candidates, designed to focus on the personal fit. As I see it, this is what makes for excellent HR consulting – and it’s what motivates me in my work every day.”

— Joachim Heinemeyer


Joachim Heinemeyer

Partner Degree in Business Administration
Holding an MBA from the Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg he was trained and educated at the General Staff College of the German Armed Forces. He can draw on many years of experience with demanding national and international leadership positions. As General Staff Officer he was responsible for Recruiting and HR-Strategy of the German Armed Forces and gave advice to highest military and political levels. In 2021 he became Partner at ifp and forms the leadership team for Industrial Companies together with Jörg Will. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-197

Jörg Will

Partner Banker, Degree in Business Administration
Jörg Will joined our company in 1992 after graduating from the University of Passau. He acquired his father\'s share in the company and became the Managing Director of ifp in 1996. His father is the company’s founder, Horst Will. For many years his main focus has been on the appointment of managerial and board member positions in medium-sized industrial companies. He has also gained extensive experience in consulting entrepreneurs and owner families, also in guiding generation change, and consulting the insurance industry. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-71


Regina Bolz

Executive Consultant Degree in Psychology, Business Mediator
Regina Bolz is an experienced consultant with an excellent network and profound expertise in aptitude diagnostics. For more than 25 years, she has held management positions in medium-sized industrial companies, especially in family-owned businesses, at the executive and board level. Personally, she has a great passion for art and culture. Which is why it’s only natural that she’s also our specialist for positions in the cultural sphere such as directors of theatres and museums. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-150

Laura Lorscheidt

Consultant Degree in Psychology (M. Sc.)
While studying economics at the University of Cologne, Laura Lorscheidt discovered her interest in behavioural economics and diagnostics, which she subsequently deepened with a master\'s degree in business psychology with a focus on work and organizational psychology. With many years of experience in retail, she developed a sound understanding of the dynamics of a customer-oriented environment as well as macroeconomic market contexts. Since her graduation, she has been a consultant for the industrial SME sector team. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-62