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A passion for healthy growth.

Medical technology & medical products

Smart technologies. Telemedicine. Energy supply. E-health applications. Local sourcing. Labour costs. Miniaturisation. Skills shortage. Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Industry 4.0.

“Patients’ well-being serves as a compass for people in this industry. Finding people with the right mindset can only succeed when there’s a foundation of shared values. And yes, I gladly share these values – it’s simply who I am.”

— Dr. Marc Stapp

Germany boasts a long tradition of actively driving progress forward in the medical field and in patient care. If truly geared towards the needs of patients, innovation can often enable future developments to be anticipated, and a finger to be kept on the accelerated pulse of the times. This progress can only be achieved through the extraordinary entrepreneurial adaptability that is the hallmark of this industry, which is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Immediate challenges, such as in supply chains and national healthcare systems, also come with the European Medical Device Directive MDR, which requires all products to be re-approved. At the same time, the advancement of digitalisation makes for excellent opportunities, from smart medical devices to e-health applications.


Dr. Marc Stapp

Partner Degree and Doctorate in Psychology
After his studies and subsequent doctorate in occupational and health safety, Marc Stapp joined ifp in 1999. He began working as a consultant for medium-sized industrial companies and clients in the automotive sector. He has carried responsibility for our Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Technology Team since 2006. Together with his team, he fills top management positions across all functions for both medium-sized and corporate organisations. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-145


Julia Dorow

Team Lead Degree in Psychology
For more than 15 years, Julia Dorow has built up in-depth expertise and an excellent network in her industry sectors. With her wide range of interests, she loves to explore new business areas, organisational cultures, and disciplines. Moreover, her corporate experience in the chemical industry is always helpful. She approaches project management with flexibility and a holistic view and is an excellent listener and critical thinker who wants to understand things down to the last detail – which serves her well when it comes to aptitude diagnostics for demanding management positions. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-64

Dr. Katharina Hampel

Senior Consultant Medical Sciences (Ph.D.), Psychology (B.Sc.)
As a biologist with a doctorate in psychology, Dr. Katharina Hampel uses her diverse professional experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and personnel consulting industries to find the right person for your challenge. During the selection process, she always keeps an eye on both the client and the candidate in order to accompany them in a professional and goal-oriented manner. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-107

Teresa Zwick

Consultant Psychology (M.Sc.)
Teresa Zwick enthusiastically delves into the demanding specialist areas of our customers in order to develop innovative search strategies on this basis and thus fill open positions precisely. Thanks to her knowledge in the areas of topic-centered interaction and systemic consulting, she manages to keep the needs of both customers and candidates in focus throughout the entire process and to complete it successfully for everyone involved. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-125