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Room for creative opportunities.

Real estate and construction industry

Residential. Office, retail, industrial and logistics real estate. Special real estate. Asset and investment management. Funds and portfolio management. Property and facility management. Project development and management. Construction/architecture. Technical building equipment. Evaluation. Corporate real estate management. PropTech.

“The core of our my is to bring together people and companies that are in a constant state of change, while looking for continuity and reliability at the same time. I know what moves the real estate and construction industry of today and tomorrow – and can find the right personalities to lead the way into the future.”

— Frederic Stein

With its stable prices and rents, Germany, formerly a safe haven for construction and real estate, is facing a turning point: climate neutrality requirements, growing funding costs, a shortage of skilled labour, digitalisation as well as rising raw materials and construction costs characterise the current areas of stress in this multifaceted industry. The enormous pressure to take action is setting things in motion and sparking the courage to innovate. The collective mindset has now turned towards more sustainability, social responsibility and ecological thinking, thereby decisively impacting further developments.

The great interdisciplinary challenge executives face today is how to drive progress and respond responsibly to change. What are the current market demands? Through what ideas, technologies and concepts can they be met? We know that when it comes to finding personalities with the right potential, perseverance, a systematic approach, creativity and, above all, market expertise are necessary – both in their familiar industry environments as well as in cross-industry intersections, which sometimes makes for surprising, unconventional appointments.


Frederic Stein

Partner Degree in Business Administration
For years now, Frederic Stein has been at home in the construction and real estate industry. He’s held challenging management positions with a commercial, technical and financial profile. As a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), he pursues the common goal of sustainable and future-oriented urban development. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-138


Annika Decker

Consultant Psychology (M. Sc.)
During her studies at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Annika Decker first discovered her enthusiasm for diagnostics in clinical psychology. Since graduating, she has been part of our team for the real estate and construction industry and advises all contacts with sensitivity. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-53

Roman Meyer

Consultant Degree in Psychology (M.Sc.)
Before becoming a permanent member of our team upon completing his academic studies, Roman Meyer demonstrated his strong customer and service orientation in the banking sector. In his personal life, he’s a passionate musician, and brings team spirit and a drive to successfully see projects through to their completion – both in his orchestra and in his professional life. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-137

Maria Panten

Team Lead Degree in Psychology (M.Sc.)
At ifp, Maria Panten learned the craft of executive search from the ground up. In the process, she acquired sound aptitude diagnostics skills and built a broad business network. Her professionalism helps her achieve her goals even in challenging assignments, as does her excellent sense of humour. She’s also a keen advocate for equality and fairness, both in her personal and professional life. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-193