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For our communities.

Local governments & public enterprises

Digital administration. Smart city. Sustainability. E-government. Integration. Mobility transition. Administrative modernisation. Civic participation. Infrastructure investment. Demographic change. Online Access Act. Inter-municipal collaboration. Public-private partnership.

“The people I meet – clients and candidates alike – are characterised by a high level of intrinsic motivation. They derive a great deal of meaning from what they do and are driven by the desire to improve the way communities live together. Supporting this goal is very important to me.”

— Jennifer Rösgen

The public sector is responsible for the prosperity of both city and country, balancing the needs of citizens with a sustainable budget policy. In the best-case scenario, economic strength and quality of life form a self-reinforcing system with a direct impact on overall social cohesion. Stable municipal structures are essential for this, from business and tourism promotion to recreation, public transport, trade fairs and conferences, leisure and administration. Due to lifestyle changes and changes occurring within society, the social integration function of municipalities is more important than ever – which is why public structures are under review. Collaboration and the pooling of resources are the way forward.

We seek out personalities with the ability to inspire innovation, who know how to fully exploit existing potentials at the local, state and national levels and who are confident being at the interface between citizens, politics, administration and business. We take a holistic approach to the selection of your future leaders, with a sophisticated understanding of public decision-making structures and complex, multi-stage processes.


Jennifer Rösgen

Partner Business Psychology (M.A.)
After completing her Master´s degree in business psychology, Jennifer Rösgen started as a consultant at ifp in the real estate and healthcare sector team. Today she accompanies the public sector in the search and selection of executives for municipal companies and public administration. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-101


Jana Gallmann

Consultant Psychologist (M.Sc.)
Jana Gallmann is a reliable, trustworthy contact person for filling mandates in municipal companies and public administrations. Since graduating from university, she has been supporting Jennifer Rösgen’s team with a high degree of structure and professionalism. She’s committed to treating candidates with respect and fairness. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-198