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Creating knowledge, generating resonance.

Academia & services

University rankings. Excellence strategy. Internationalisation.
Professional education. Practice orientation. Digital expertise. Human resources development.

It’s all about tomorrow’s world and the big picture. Academic excellence and innovative strength, the quality of initial and continuing professional training and education as well securing enough skilled employees to ensure the success of the growth engines of our country. Solidly anchored in long-term thinking and future-oriented education.

The German education system in all its diversity finds itself challenged by global competition, confronted with an acceleration of knowledge production as well as demographic change and a lack of human and financial resources. Highly accelerated processes call for executives to move at a faster pace while keeping quality at reliably high levels.

Our clients come from universities and research centres, and both public and private self-governing service providers from the field of knowledge production and dissemination. This includes foundations, chamber organisations and associations. We’re also at ease working with a wide range of committees and consider non-discriminatory and unbiased selection processes a matter of course.

“Yes, it is work – intense work – for both my head and my heart. With and for people who stand up for their goals and convictions, and whose ideas generate resonance because they help to shape the future.”

— Britta Wöhrmann


Britta Wöhrmann

Partner Degree in Psychology, Systemic Consultant
After Britta Wöhrmann completed her degree in 2004 she was employed as a research assistant. She began working as a consultant for ifp in 2007. With a broad focus in the sector, she has gained experience in human resources consulting and aptitude diagnostics. Parallel to this, she completed her training as a systemic consultant. Britta Wöhrmann currently heads the Science and Services as well as Energy Team at ifp. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-116


Christoph Münten

Executive Consultant Degree in Psychology (Diploma)
Christoph Münten has been with ifp ever since completing his psychology degree. He learned his trade and his distinctive customer orientation from our founder himself. With more than 30 years of experience in aptitude diagnostics, he has an outstanding track record of successfully placing numerous candidates at top management levels. His broad experience offers a solid foundation for creative search strategies when a solution is not immediately obvious. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-88

Stefanie Wagener

Senior Consultant Degree in Business Psychology (M. Sc.)
Since 2011 Stefanie Wagener gained experiences in the fields employment market, filling of jobs and professional profiling in the public service sector. She has been a team leader for many years, before she started as a senior consultant in our Science & Services and Energy team. +49 (0) 221 / 20 50 6-136