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Placing leadership responsibility
in the right hands.

Always closer to people.
We match leadership challenges with highly qualified people. Based on their personality and values. Fully aware of just how consequential such decisions are for the people who make them, and for the companies on a whole. For the mutual and long-term benefit of all.

Closer to professionals and

We’re living in a time of watershed moments. Proving leadership skills in today’s world involves complexity and immediacy; what’s needed is a change of course and the ability to act now – right now. Which makes it all the more important to have the right person in the right place. Our job is to safeguard your decision and ensure that is well-founded with every aspect taken into account. Our expertise in aptitude diagnostics and precise processes can help in paving the way towards the right position. And minimising the future risks of all involved.

Executive Search

Making the better choice thanks toindependent industry expertise.

Management Diagnostics

Identifying potential based onscientifically proven methods.

Getting closer to new opportunities.


almost 50% of our clients are former candidates who continue to place their trust in us


leadership positions successfully filled by ifp Executive Search and Management Diagnostics


leadership assessments carried out by ifp Management Diagnostics.


years: the current average length of service of ifp employees with partner status.

Trust – built up over

Since our beginnings as a family business in 1964, we have respected the special closeness to people and the value of relationships. We live trust, fairness and reliability. No matter whether it is about our clients, the candidates or our partners and consultants. This relationship culture has been the key to our joint success for almost 60 years. It also includes pursuing your mandate until you are satisfied.

Learn more about
our company.

Discover our fundamental interest in people: In the attention with which we meet our clients and candidates. In the respect of our aptitude and management diagnostics for individual competences. In our pleasure in unique, human originality. We thus like to get a precise picture, perceive with all our senses and call this HumanIntelligence. Another plus for working with ifp.

Multichannel jugglers. Haystack searchers. Power women companions. Talent pearl divers. Skill bloodhounds. Team support sunbeams. Industry fishermen. Board career ignitors. Dream job truffle hunters. Executive floor networkers. Lifework connoisseurs. Potential detectors. Future opportunity sensors. High potential scouts.

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